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A sneak peek into life in downtown GB.

The Urban Diner is a blog dedicated to exposing the many culinary assets in downtown Green Bay, specifically in the Downtown, Broadway and Olde Main Street districts.



Lite Lunch

Urban Diner - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Offering "Healthy Choices Made From Nature's Best" 
The Urban Frog menu sports a Lite Lunch selection of a half sandwich and 
the choice of a cup of soup, a side salad, or a pasta salad. 

The half sandwich: St. Christopher
Shavings of oven roasted turkey are layered with Granny Smith apple slices,
spinach leaves and Swiss cheese which is then grilled, panini-style, on whole 
wheat bread that is dabbed with a honey mustard.

The cup of soup: Frog Soup
 Teaming with broccoli, carrot, mushroom, kale
and other bits of veggie goodness swimming in a simple broth  

Also known for fresh juice creations with "Every nutrient freshly squeezed into your glass"The Urban Frog fashioned the delicious Liver Detoxjuiced from from apple, beet, lemon, kale and grapefruit.  

Diner's Note: The entire menu at The Urban Frog is available GLUTEN FREE for an additional $1.00 per menu item. Delivery and catering are also available.

Small Dish Paella

Urban Diner - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From the Spanish influenced menu at Cafe Madrid, a tapas size offering of the Spanish dish, Paella, can be sampled.  
In Cafe Madrid's version of this classic dish, the rice of the Paella is simmered in a broth flavored with tomato and saffron.  Bits of salmon, chicken, and chorizo are combined with the seasoned rice and served in a whimsical wavy bowl adorned with a large shell-on shrimp tail and a half shell steamed mussel.
Cafe Madrid anchors the Paella tapas with garlic pesto rubbed crostini slices, a twisted slice of lemon and dusting of parsley.

Diner's Note: Paella is an internationally known rice dish from Spain.  The word paella means pan and originated in the fields from the region Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain.

Sunday Brunch

Urban Diner - Tuesday, March 11, 2014
A silky light lemon yellow hollandaise sauce is sublimely ladled over Eggs Benedict on the Black and Tan Grille brunch menu.  Now open for Sunday brunch, the Black and Tan Grille serves up this classic brunch item by preparing it with smoked duck.
A lightly toasted split English muffin lays ready to absorb all the yolky goodness that spills from perfectly poached eggs balance atop the slices of smoked duck.

Diners Note: A wonderful libation companion to the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Duck?  A Cilantro Bloody Mary from the Black and Tan Grille Sunday Brunch Cocktail menu. 


Take Me Out

Urban Diner - Monday, March 03, 2014

Slices of Chinese roast pork, tender crisp snow peas, strands of sweet onion, bean sprouts and crunchy water chestnuts stir-fried and glossed in a savory sauce are menu item #68 of the over 117 menu items you can order at China Palace.  Menu item #68 - Roasted Pork with Snow Peas.  

Along with an order of Roast Pork with Snow Peas comes with the perfect companion of snowy white rice packed in the classic white Chinese food take out box.  Take out orders like this one, come piping hot, with the classic Chinese to-go accoutrements of soy sauce packets and fortune cookies.  

Eat In or Take Out - China Palace also Delivers.

Chop 188

Urban Diner - Friday, February 21, 2014

Looking for a hearty bone-in beef tenderloin?
The Hagemeister Park's Chop 188 could be the answer.

The Chop 188 is a purveyor's name for this cut of meat as well as the name of this steak entree on Hagemeister Park's menu.   The Chop 188, a USDA "Choice Age" cut of meat, is a tender center cut that comes from the heart of the beef loin. 

Hagemeister Park prepares this choice cut steak grilled to your specification.  The Chop 188 entree is served with a choice of potato, selecting from either seasoned criss-cut fries, roasted fingerling potatoes or Yukon gold mashed potatoes, a seasoned vegetable medley of tender crisp broccoli, red pepper slivers, green beans, yellow and orange carrot slices, a warm crescent breadstick and pat of butter.  

Diners Note: This main course is gluten free.

Rustic Tart

Urban Diner - Friday, February 07, 2014

Savory Filling + Flaky Pastry =  Rustic Tart

Combining hearty pub flavors corralled in a freeform pastry, Titletown Brewery created a new item for their menu - Rustic Smoked Brisket Tart.  

It begins with a savory filling.  Bite-size pieces of smoked brisket along with a medley of tender roasted onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and parsnips intermingle in a rich beef demi glaze. Baked en croute, the Rustic Smoked Brisket Tart is topped with a sprinkling of Gorgonzola crumbles that provide a creamy contrast to the piping hot contents within.   

A dining must-do?  Wash it all down with one of the many fresh crafted quality beers that Titletown Brewery proudly produces right on site.  

By The Slice

Urban Diner - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's the eighth location in Wisconsin for Polito's Pizza and it's located in the heart of downtown across from the Packer's Heritage Trail Recognition Wall on the corner of Washington and Cherry Streets. Polito's Pizza stakes claim to being the home of the BIG slice of pizza and also offering Wisconsin's largest pizza, measuring in at a whopping 28"

Perched behind a glass partition whole pizzas sit atop raised pie plates awaiting selection.  Here, a BIG slice serving of Polito's classic Supreme pizza is boxed up for to-go.  Polito's Pizza Supreme boasts diced green peppers and red onions, slices of fresh mushroom bits and morsels of sausage that are scattered along side of thin discs of pepperoni on top of a thin crusted mozzarella cheese pizza.  Bear in mind that not all varieties of Polito's pizza are available in slices at all times so call to see what is available when hunger strikes or not; then enjoy what slices await.  

Go Greek

Urban Diner - Thursday, January 16, 2014

Making contemporary use of olive oil, herbs, cheese, bread and lamb, White Dog Black Cat Cafe combines simple Mediterranean ingredients to create their Greek Salad.
Crisp greens of chopped Romaine leaves, onion and Kalamata olives are tossed and topped with the Greek duo of lamb meat slices and dusting of crumbled feta cheese.  Pita bread wedges are grilled warm to accompany the White Dog Black Cat Cafe Greek Salad along with a lavish feta vinaigrette dressing that brings a Mediterranean sizzle to this salad plate.

Irish Sliders

Urban Diner - Monday, January 06, 2014

Slip into St Brendan's Inn dining room and find the warm tones of stain glass windows and Celtic stenciled walls yielding to a European feel. Open St Brendan's Inn menu.  Browse through Irish fare selections and find the pub comfort food flavors of St Brendan's Guinness Pot Roast Sliders. 

Nestled between St Brendan's Inn homemade brown bread, Guinness Pot Roast Sliders features slow cooked, fork tender pot roast that is ladled with a full flavored Guinness gravy.  Lending crunch and texture, the sliders are unexpectedly finished with freshly fried purple potato chips, providing a contemporary take on an Irish dish that has substantial hearty flavor.

From The Sushi Bar

Urban Diner - Monday, December 16, 2013

Bahama, is just one of the house special maki rolls listed on the menu that come from the sushi bar at Little Tokyo.  The Bahama maki roll's fresh raw filling of sweet white conch meat is famously known and used in the West Indies island of Bahamas and for which the roll is named.  
Other ingredients in the Bahama  consist of scallions, slices of ripe avocado and a creamy spicy sauce that are rolled together in a seaweed nori around sushi rice and flecks of toasted white sesame seed.

Crowning the slices of these delightful flavors in Little Tokyo's Bahama is a pop of color with a sprinkling of Tobiko, a bright orange hued fish roe.  Peels of pickled ginger and a spoonful of wasabi that are classic accents of sushi adorn this beautiful plate.  

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