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A sneak peek into life in downtown GB.

The Urban Diner is a blog dedicated to exposing the many culinary assets in downtown Green Bay, specifically in the Downtown, Broadway and Olde Main Street districts.



Cup Or Bowl

Urban Diner - Monday, March 06, 2017

A quick lunch with sustenance is on the menu at Liberty Cafe
This little corner coffee shop and cafe ladles up tasty soups du jour.
 Take a look at the "Soups of the Day" board to see what's been cooking.
 Here, a steaming bowl of thick creamy Chicken with Brown and Wild Rice
Liberty Cafe offers tasty soups by the cup or by the bowl.


Seafood Stew

Urban Diner - Monday, February 20, 2017

Tricky for many to pronnouce, ciopinno (cio-pi-no / choh-pee-noh), is a seafood stew of fish and various shellfish usually cooked with tomatoes, spices and herbs originating in San Franciso and created by Italian immigrants by 
using the bounties of the ocean.

Chefusion Eclectic Cuisine & Lounge's creation of this stew is Seafood Ciopinno, a delicous steaming bowl of P.E.I. Mussels, shrimp, lobster, and fish swimming in brothy goodness.  Tomato, onion, and fennel provide a simple delicate balance of vegatables to the seafood in this stew.  Served alongside the Seafood Ciopinno is a large toasty slice of bread making for great dipping in the broth.

Chefusion Eclectic Cuisine & Lounge offers Seafood Ciopinno as one of the entree selections on their small plate three course menu that includes a choice of first course, entree and dessert or it can be ordered alone from Chefusion'small plate menu.



Urban Diner - Monday, February 13, 2017

Those familar with the eclectic fonts and creative identifying labels of menu items at The Creamery Downtown won't be surprised ordering a Brunch-A-Tizer.  Avocado Toast, simple and to the point in it's own name, passing as breakfast, brunch or lunch, is one of the Brunch-A-Tizer items on the menu at The Creamery Downtown.

Avocado Toast is a choice of toast that is perfectly layered with buttery ripe slices of avocado, halved cucumber slices, juicy tomato wedges, micro greens, thin slices of radishes, extra virgin olive oil drizzle and the Chef's signature pickled onions.  If that's not enough to balance on the Avocado Toast, add an order of smoked salmon or crispy bacon to top it off.

Be sure to also check out  The Creamery Downtown's seasonal cocktail menu to enjoy (responsibly).  The Blushing Gold, a tincture of bourbon, fresh lemon, maple syrup, apple cider vinaigarette, Peychaud Aperitivo shaken with egg white arrives with a smoldering pineapple leaf making for an interesting element to this beverage.


Cheves & Grill

Urban Diner - Monday, February 06, 2017

Cheves & Grill is new restaurant that has opened downtown in the On Broadway district corner of Walnut and Broadway streets.  Cheves is Mexican slang for beer and the grill part is, of course, what's cooking in the kitchen.  

Appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, entrees and Friday fish make up the menu categories at Cheves & Grill along with Stone Baked Artisan Pizza.  Here, the Cheves and Grill Signature Pizzaa garlic crust pizza, is topped with a scattering of Parmesan, pepperoni, sausage, red onion, green pepper, tomato, mushrooms, slabs of fresh mozzarella, and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  The pizza is served up to the table on a pizza rack and cut into wedge shaped slices. 

Diner's Note: Cheves & Grill has beer, wine and a full bar.  Closed Mondays.

Southwestern Flavors

Urban Diner - Monday, January 23, 2017

Taste a sense of the American southwest in one bite of Kavarna's Southwestern Wrap without even having to leave downtown Green Bay.  Evoking the warm flavors of Mexican, Native American and Spanish cultures, this toasty wrap will entice even meat eaters to this vegetarian offering.

Center stage in the Southwestern Wrap is crumbled black bean burger, red onion, tomato bits and Wisconsin's owner Carr Valley pepper jack cheese, adding a creamy hit of piquant on the tongue.  Folded and neatly packaged in a tortilla, Kavarna's Southwestern Wrap is perfectly toasted allowing the flavors of the ingredients to meld together.  Served with a side of sour cream, the wrap also comes with a choice of either chips or fruit.

To Gobble Up

Urban Diner - Monday, December 26, 2016

S.I.L. (Such Is Life) is a newcomer eatery to the downtown area on Broadway. 

Menu items at S.I.L. hint of international and Latin American fair and flavors.

An elegant hearty selection available on the lunch and dinner menu is 

Pappardelle Smoked Salmon Pasta.  Pappardelle is a broad flat ribbon pasta

who's name derives from the Italian verb pappare - to gobble up!


 Lightly tossed in a creamy cajun sauce, the pappardelle,

entwines with slices of mushroom, onion, and chunks of smoked salmon.

The fresh spinach, green beans, and baby peas add a pop of gorgeous color.

Pappardelle Smoked Salmon Pasta, plated with a light dusting

of grated cheese and to scrape up every last drip of sauce, slices of rustic

bread.  Full or half order portions are available on all S.I.L.'s pasta dishes.

Carnivorous Delight

Urban Diner - Monday, December 05, 2016

From Republic Chophouse's comprehensive selection of meat cuts, including a reserve cut steak selection, is this mouthwatering fourteen ounce Bone-in Berkshire Pork Chop.

Republic Chophouse offers a selction of six seasonings and nine sauces to compliment your meat selection.  Centerpiece on the plate, this Bone-in Berkshire Pork Chop was ordered with blackened seasoning and garnished with home made potato chips.

Steaks and chops are served with choice of a Chop Salad or Tomato Basil Bisque made from fresh tomatoes, basil and parmesan in heavy cream and accented with a swirl of balsamic reduction.  Get ready to man that steak knife!

Off The Cob

Urban Diner - Monday, November 28, 2016

Putting a twist on the classic corn-in-a-cup street food of
Mexico, Vintage Cantina brings the highly addictive
Mexican fare to downtown Green Bay.

 Presented in a glass footed cup and eaten with a spoon,
Vintage Corn is made with petite kernels of sweet crunchy corn,
which Vintage Cantina cuts fresh off the cob.

 Vintage Corn is served warm allowing the morsels of queso
to melt and blend the creamy chili-spiked flavors.
Now grab that spoon and "Buen Provecho!"


All Hail Kale

Urban Diner - Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Baby Kale Salad at Hinterland makes eating the healthy
 "Queen of Greens" a delight and it's so pretty on the plate.

Jeweled veggies of thinly sliced pickled red beets and roasted squash

slices peek out from under leaves of tender mild baby kale.

The baby kale is dressed in a poached pear vinaigrette and studded with

a creamy-crunch combination of goat cheese and hazelnuts.

Baby Kale Salad is available on  Hinterland's Saturday

lunch menu and the weekly dinner menu.  

Coddle Comfort

Urban Diner - Monday, October 31, 2016

Dublin Coddle, the name of this entree on St. Brendan's menu, piqued
 curiosity of the name.  It is a traditonal Irish supper dish generally associated
with Dublin Ireland and dates back to at least the early eighteenth century.  

The ingredients are slow cooked, hence "coddle", derived from a French word
meaning "to boil gently, parboil, or stew".  Apparently, the Dublin Coddle was
a particular favorite of the dean of Christ Church Cathedral in
Dublin and author of Gulliver's Travel, Jonathan Swift.

St. Brendan's assembles this hearty nourishing dish with Irish sausage,
bacon, onion, carrots, potatoes and Guinness beer.  The Dublin Coddle 
 is then slow roasted for several hours creating a savory chunky stew
St. Brendan's bowl of cozy comfort food.  Slainte!

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