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Urban Diner - Monday, June 18, 2018

Splurge Bangkok Garden  Buffet

Chop Suey vs Chow Mein

Urban Diner - Monday, May 21, 2018

Chop Suey vs. Chow Mein
What is the difference anyway?

China Palace offers Chop Suey or Chow Mien with the choice of 
vegetable, roast pork, chicken, beef, shrimp or the house special.

The Urban Diner went with the roasted pork.  Tender flat slices of roasted pork
are tossed together with whole pea pods, matchstick cut carrots
fresh crisp bean sprouts, bok choy, bamboo shoots and mushrooms in a silky sauce.

Happy to entertain the pressing question to the difference,
China Palace served up a bowl of hot tender rice and a bowl of dry noodle
with a simple explanation.

Chop Suey = Rice
 Chow Mein = Dry Noodles

No matter which dish, China Palace serves it up the best and fast!

Bourbon Gastropub

Urban Diner - Monday, May 14, 2018

It's not only about the extensive bourbon list at Main Street Bourbon Room.
It's a gastropub menu that the kitchen executes with flavors and care.
It's the largest high-end bourbon menu in the state and farm to table fare.

So cleanse the palate with a craft cocktail, a Bourbon Smash,
 muddled lemon and mint and BuffaloTrace Bourbon over smashed ice
   with a garnish of lemon twist.  Bright and delightful. Then peruse the menu.

The Main Street Bourbon Room food menu provides a variety of selections,
making it all the more difficult presenting specials not on the menu.

 Sourcing fresh main ingredients like fish, some not usually available
flown in as a weekly specials are the likes of
Corvina, Lake Trout or maybe Mahi-Mahi.

So featured fish that day it was, Mahi-Mahi, a firm mild fish.
Main Street Bourbon Room's kitchen grilled it perfectly
 providing a nice portion of fish, surrounded
with grilled fingerling potatoes and seasoned sugar snap peas.    

Home of the Big Slice

Urban Diner - Monday, May 07, 2018

It's the eighth location in Wisconsin for Polito's Pizza and it's located in the heart of downtown across from the Packer's Heritage Trail Recognition Wall on the corner of Washington and Cherry Streets. Polito's Pizza stakes claim to being the home of the BIG slice of pizza (BSL = 'Big Slice Legue') and also offering Wisconsin's largest pizza, measuring in at a whopping 28"

Perched behind a glass partition whole pizzas sit atop raised pie plates awaiting selection.  Here, a BIG slice serving of Polito's classic Supreme pizza is boxed up for to-go.  Polito's Pizza Supreme boasts diced green peppers and red onions, slices of fresh mushroom bits and morsels of sausage that are scattered along side of thin discs of pepperoni on top of a thin crusted mozzarella cheese pizza.  Bear in mind that not all varieties of Polito's pizza are available in slices at all times so call to see what is available when hunger strikes or not; then enjoy what slices await.  


Urban Diner - Monday, October 30, 2017

While Little Tokyo is known for it's sushi, they also serve up a Japanese noodle soup known as Tempura Udon. Simply presented, this soup consists of Udon, which is a spaghetti-like thick wheat flour noodle swimming in a steaming bowl of a rich dark brown flavorful Dashi broth and strips of dark green seaweed.

Key flavors of the Dashi broth at Little Tokyo are a dark soy and mirin.  This soup is complimented by tender crispy nuggets of tempura shrimp, carrot slices, onion ring, green bean, and broccoli surrounding the bowl.

Dining fact: Little Tokyo was the first sushi restaurant to open in Green Bay serving traditional Japanese cuisine dishes. 

Buon Appetito

Urban Diner - Monday, October 23, 2017


Italian simplicity is on the lunch menu at Angelina.

 It's the simpliest of ingredients boasting the finest of flavors. 

Angelina's Tortellini All Panna, only available during the lunch hour, is three simple ingredients.  Tender tri-colored cheese tortellini, in a exquisitely light Alfredo sauce, are matched bite for bite with juicy chunks of char-grilled chicken breast. 

A side Insalata of chilled Spring mixed greens, tomato wedges and half wheels of cucumbers is tossed with a classic Italian balsamic vinaigrette allowing the three simple vegetables to stand out.

And, of course, to complete the simplicity of this Italian lunch at Angelina's, a lovely Italian wine.  Buon Appetito!


Oui Oui

Urban Diner - Monday, October 16, 2017

While French in name, the Sacre Bleu pizza at the Glass Nickel Pizza Co. combines a selection of toppings that create bold flavors on a pizza.  The dough is ladled with Glass Nickel Pizza Co.'s classic Italian sauce followed by layers of a house blend of cheeses, Canadian bacon slices, diced yellow onion, cubes of salami, fresh bits of tomato and crumbles of creamy blue cheese.  The final optional topping that completes this pizza? Walnuts! This unexpected topping brings about a height of toasty flavor and nutty crunch sure to tantalize tastebuds for just one more bite of the Sacre Bleu. 

Diner's Note: Walnuts are available upon request if a nut allergy is not a problem.

Warm Embrace

Urban Diner - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Chicken Pot Pie is new to the Hagemeister Park menu.

Big tender chunks of white chicken meat and hearty vegetables
are imersed together in a creamy chicken gravy and topped
with a dough that bakes to a golden rimmed crust.

Like a warm embrace, Hagemeister Park's 
Chicken Pot Pie, is the ultimate comfort food.
Dig into this delicious dish and be prepared to be hugged.

Small Bites

Urban Diner - Sunday, September 10, 2017

Small bites at Madrid Tapas Restaurant and Wine Bar are perfect for sampling or sharing with others.  Offering a variety of tastes from which to select, these small bites, tapas, one of Spain's most delicious culinary traditions, can be explored at Madrid Tapas Restaurant and Wine Bar along with a well balanced wine list.

Cabra Ques Pan, toasted crostini, smeared with a creamy herb speckled goat cheese and crowned with a warmed shard of deep pink dry-cured Serrano ham, resting on mixed greens.  

Pepinos con Limon mixes slices of cucumber with the colorful watermelon radish that is sprinkled with fresh lime juice and seaoned with a hint of salt, enchancing the flavors of these raw veggies.  

Suitable for lunch or a small dinner, these tapas selections are just a sampling offered at Madrid Tapas Restaurant and Wine Bar.


Taste On Tuesday

Urban Diner - Sunday, August 27, 2017

Taste on Tuesday
Served in the lounge only, mini versions of a few of Chefusion's small plates,
salads and side menu items can be experienced in a mini creation.

A sample of list of Chefusion Taste on Tuesday mini's 
could include: chopped salad, soup of the day, mac n cheese,
volcano shrimp, sautéed mussels, dessert and many other items.
 This particular Tuesday, a beef filet with a veal demi, shreds of
Parmesan cheese on a pesto horseradish aioli smeared crostini and
truffle Parmesan fries were two of the menu selections.
 A bonus exception, the highly addictive truffle Parmesan fries
came out piping hot and crisp in a very large serving dish!

 Diner's Note:  Chefusion's Taste on Tuesday
   items are for dining in only - no take out orders.
These menu items also change out seasonally.

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