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What do I have to do to plan an event downtown?

Downtown Green Bay wants you to host your next event here!  The City of Green Bay has a guide available here otherwise here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Event Permit - The City of Green Bay requires an event permit to be filed with the Risk Management Department. Organizations must also provide proof of insurance listing the City of Green Bay as additionally insured. Permit prices start at $25 and go up according to event attendance projections. Click here to download the permit. Call Risk Management if you have further questions at 920.448.3091.  Permits need to be filed 60 days or more prior to an event.
  • Selling Beer/Wine - If your event will include the sale of beer or wine (no hard liquor sales are permitted at events), you will need to take out a Class B Temporary license (picnic permit) which can be obtained at the City of Green Bay Clerk's Office on 1st floor of City Hall (100 N. Jefferson St., Green Bay, WI 54301). Only nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for this permit. Permit cost is $10 but requires proof of Liquor Liability insurance.
  • Selling Food - Food vending at events usually requires permitting by the Brown County Health Department. Call 920.448.6448 to determine your needs.
  • City Park Rentals - If you would like to have your event in a park downtown (which includes CityDeck, Jackson Square, Whitney Park, Leicht Park and Veteran's Park), you will need to apply for a park rental permit. First time events that will raise funds for an organization will need to get Parks Committee approval. Call the Parks Department at 920.448.3365 to arrange your rental.
  • Street Closures/Street Services - If your event will require street closures, street sweeping, trash collection, etc., you will need to work with the City's Public Works Department. Call 920.448.3100 to work with a DPW staff person.
  • Police Needs - If your event will require police protection or services, please contact 920.448.3214.
  • EMS/Fire Department Needs - If your event attendance is projected beyond 10,000, you may be required to have EMS services on site. Call 920.448.3289.
  • Tent Inspections - If your event will have tents sized 20' x 20' or larger, you will need to have the Fire Department inspect it prior to your event. E-mail here to arrange.
  • Private Property Requests - If you are looking to have your event on or near a privately owned property, contact Downtown Green Bay, Inc., Olde Main Street, Inc. or On Broadway, Inc. (depending on which district you are looking at) to assist you on those contacts. Click here for the district contacts.
  • Help Me Promote! - Downtown Green Bay, Inc., Olde Main Street, Inc. and On Broadway, Inc. have marketing tools to help assist you in promoting your event if it is located in one of the downtown districts. Visit the Contact page to get in touch with us!
  • Contact info for City Event Planning - Here are contacts for City employees that may be involve in your event planning process. 

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